#TestimonialTues Finally Feeling Confident in Myself

March 18, 2014


Picture 5By: Shionta Pumphrey, BGR! Orlando
Let me tell you how nearly 40 pounds of weight loss was earned! I would say that I gained "freshman career" 15 but in my case like 30 when I started working as a nurse. Part of my issues were not being able to balance my work schedule as a night shift nurse with everyday life. I ate fried foods, ice cream was my best friend and take out consumed at least $70-80 of my pay check (believe it)! And shortly after my shift, I would go straight to bed and wake up and do it all over for 48 hours a week, scary huh?! It wasn't until moving to FL back in June 2012 that I realized my body didn't look so hot in a bathing suit and I was insecure about it, and climbing stairs became uncomfortable for me. I was at my heaviest, 173 pounds, someone who barely weighed in at 110 prior to starting college in 2003. August 2012 I found Black Girls Run and have been a dedicated member ever since! I challenged and continue to push myself beyond my limitations. I have incorporated weight/speed training and a whole lot of power yoga into my regimen. I even eat healthier too, like avocados, edamame, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, bake or grilled chicken and fish instead of fried, and yogurt instead of the ice cream! My body craves for the lean greens and protein powers! I'm a snacker too, but have learned to make better choices, I love Blue Diamond whole natural Almonds! As a result of consistency, I have lost 38 pounds over the last year and half, and I feel secure and more confident in myself! The enjoyable part of it all is that I can share my story and inspire my family, friends, patients and complete strangers from all walks of life! I feel blessed to have such a great support system and the ability to be inspired as well by so many!
~Peace and Love~
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