#TestimonyTues Unique Reasons Why I RUN!

February 11, 2014


By: Adina Crawford, BGR! Washington, DC member [caption id="attachment_66286" align="alignleft" width="300"]Before Before[/caption] I would like to begin by telling my story as to why I run. About 8.5 years ago I was severely obese and a smoker. Back then I thought I was cute being the size I was not suppose to be. It was not until it started affecting my marriage, my outward appearance and my overall health that I decided that I needed to seriously make a change. I signed up to join a local gym I was going to exercise and do the classes but still smoking. I knew that was bad and I needed to give it up. Soon after that my mother whom I spoke to everyday called me and told me she had Lung Cancer/Leukemia (she had never been a smoker). The situation and reality really sunk in because I knew that that was not a good combination. I gave up smoking, joined a running group (Fleet Feet) and trained to do my first 5K in Montgomery County Maryland. I knew what it required to get fit. I was determined, motivated and sincere about it. While still training my Step-Brother who was a veteran for this country had become severely ill with Pancreatic Cancer and needed care I stepped up and had him moved here from Massachusetts. In the meantime my mom was steadily declining. My step brother died in November of 2006 and my mom 3 months later. I was in a quandry WHAT AM I going to do. It was just my dad and I and he was in Florida. While all this was occurring I didn't really miss a step from trying to maintain my healthy lifestyle. While the pain and heartbreak made it difficult to stay focused no truer words stuck with me than my mom telling me "I want you to live your life and do the right thing." In July 2012 after moving my dad here from Florida with his resistance he passed away from Dementia. It was in such a short period of time that my entire family was gone. While each of the losses helped me to grow stronger but the hurt and pain would never go away but I knew that I had to go on. Besides completing my first 5K, and after completing that first race I was asked to be a mentor for Fleet Feet for first time runners. I was so tickled pink that I was even asked. I became a mentor a motivator and a support person for many first time runners. Thereafter  I completed several sprint Triathlons, Duathlons and many other races to include my first half in 2013. While training for my first half I used to watch a unique group of ladies meet up at one of the local gyms in the area. I inquired as to who they were and the Coordinator Lisa gave me the low down on the BGR! group. I was ecstatic I was able to join a run an [caption id="attachment_66287" align="alignleft" width="172"]Me Now! Me Now![/caption] d not only that run with woman of paces. In the Fall of 2013 I was selected to become a Run Coordinator for the Germantown run group. I cannot express my sincere gratitude that I have with these ladies. While these runs are full of energy I have another chance to help someone reach their goals whether it be running or walking. I know that I know I still have a long way to go and I am determined to keep going.  I run to be happy, I run for health, I run for my loved ones, I run to be in tune with life, I run for ME.... I am so excited about doing the the RNR 5K on 3/15/14 as that day I will be celebrating my 50th Birthday...I look forward to the run and all the BGR ladies running the half or 5K.

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