Sponsored Post: Birth Control Conundrum Gets Solved

February 08, 2014


This post is sponsored by Bedsider. All opinions are my own.

We're all women here right? Valentine's Day is coming and let's just be honest. I'm in my baby birthing prime and having kids (badc_upp_grandma_160x600esides my two pups) isn't on my radar quite yet. But birth control and I  don't get along. It makes me super nauseous and all cray cray. Geez! I've been down the birth control route several times all ending in frustration and sickness. If only I'd known that there more options than oral contraceptives and condoms. I could have saved myself a lot of days of being sick and crazy. Literally. Unfortunately, for me, there was nowhere to really turn. I mean, having THE sex conversation with your mom is awkward. Talking about contraceptives and spermicide, even more awkward. Especially before you're married. (I'm just saying) But, imagine if there was ONE place to get all the information you needed so you could avoid having your mom or your friends all in your p-biz or (v-biz....ha ha!). If you're like me, you like to know all of your options. That's where Bedsider.org comes in handy. It's something ANY woman can benefit from, whether you are married or single, on birth control or not. Not only do they have a ton of great information on how to choose the right contraceptive, they also  have a "Frisky Friday's" section with sex advice and tips on keeping  your relationship spicy! Personally, I recommend this article on hormones. I mean understanding them will at least make the night sweats I've been having seem somewhat normal. Gosh, 30 is kicking my butt. The lesson? You're never too old to change up your contraceptives and there's tons of information out there. Swing by Bedsider.com and check things out. You won't be sorry. Welcome to the new age ladies. Birth control is not the dirty little secret anymore. Live long and propser (when you're ready).  

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