#WorkoutWed: Extreme Burpee Sweat Fest

February 05, 2014


burpees The other day when I was at the gym, I was discussing my current routine with one of the trainers. I mentioned that I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted, and he suggested that I should switch up my cardio routine. Right now I running 2 miles on the treadmill or I'm on the stationary bike for 35 minutes. He gave me the suggested workout below, and talked about how much success he had with this routine. I thought it would be worth a shot to give it a try. Yesterday was my first day, and let me tell you, this is an INTENSE workout! I call this one the sweat fest, but I was literally drenched in sweat - it was pouring like water all of the stair master too! Let me know what you guys think. Extreme Burpee Challenge: 10 burpees 1 minute jump rope 5 minutes stair master 9 burpess 1 minute jump rope 4 minutes stair master 8 burpess 1 minute jump rope 3 minutes stair master 7 burpees 1 minute jump rope 2 minute stair master 6 burpess 1 minute jump rope 1 minute stair master 5 burpess 1 minute jump rope images  

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