The Weight Was History! #TestimonyTues

February 04, 2014


photo-6By: Tamara McBride, BGR! Columbus Member So here it is. The journey has been amazing. It started after thanksgiving  day in 2012 with just trying to move more and change my eating with weight watchers and wii fit. And the weight began to come off, but it was slow and I was impatient and stressed with life. Friends were telling me about Black Girls RUN!, and although running was never ever my thing I was determined to just do something. So i found the group on FB and saw a familiar name- Koritha Mitchell who was at the time run ambassador. I went to the Saturday meet up and started walking- she told her story and was so very encouraging. Grateful I can move so I am moving. The focus stop being on inches and pounds and moved to gratitude- and that made all the difference. When you wake up with the ability to move why don't you? I started the first couch to 5k in 2013 with run leader Lori Lindsey and a group of women so excited and at so many different levels and sizes it made the team work amazing. Run your own race was a real message for us- we pushed and encouraged each other and left no girl behind- which is such a motivator and we knew that we had to get out there because a run leader was waiting for us. It was truly spiritual at times. During this journey with BGR I have found space and time for me- I love that kids and spouses are not a part of this- you need just a little time for you! That investment in me wasn't over lunch or a cocktail it was with other women who wanted to be stronger and fit! What a new concept right!!! So in 2013 we had a bling party and i made the commitment that i would be a runner or at least try. Run your own race, was a critical message they pushed, but I still didn't get it- I wanted some bling too. To say I did this damn thing. And with the support of BGR I did. It was amazing, I cried and smiled and was breathing heavy but did it. I ran a 5k! The weight was history! I kept running races 5 total in 2013 to include the national 10k in NC and the pounds flew off. 75 lbs total since this journey all began.  I have suffered a minor injury but the support and "listen to your body" mother look from the run leaders was refreshing and i am all good now! It has been a constant reminder to focus on fitness, focus on your health no matter the size. Run your own race! I get it now. I am healthy and the weight loss has been the Extra Cushioning on my shoe (not the icing on my cake).

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