January 22, 2014


We're still making our, "What's going to happen in 2014" predictions and one thing that keeps coming up is the shift to functional fashion. Now, there's probably a few brands that keep coming to mind (and for good reasons), but here's our picks of the three brands that we think will slay the fitness fashion game in 2014.  


  Screenshot 2014-01-21 22.23.37 Screenshot 2014-01-21 22.23.53 Screenshot 2014-01-21 22.23.10There's no disputing that Nike is always on the cutting edge when it comes trendsetting. Nothing is different with the debut of their Spring collections. We're talking modern and hip pieces that will take you in and out of the gym and dare I say you may even be able to sport these threads to your j-o-b. Pair their design savvyness with their textile technology and it's a match made in heaven. Just looking through Nike's catalog made me want to get all dolled up and get my sweat on! It doesn't look like Nike is taking a back seat in this new fashion fitness apparel market and we can't wait to see what else is in store for 2014. If it's anything like Spring, I may have to pick up another gig just to feed by workout apparel budget. AND Nike gets an extra shout out for this beautiful black model with her semi-messy hair! PRESERVE THE SEXY!!    


Screenshot 2014-01-21 22.30.41 Every time I want to fall out of love with Lululemon they do something amazing to change the game. Longtime lovers of the brand have been obsessing over their not-s0-secret Lululemon lab which is a design incubator, if you will. Only those fortunate enough to travel to Vancouver were able to purchase these limited edition items, but the brand recently announced several of the pieces will now be sold online. Here's a little caveat though, this isn't your mom's Lululemon stuff. This is all about fashion, design, and yes function, but think of it more as lifestyle or everyday pieces to add to your wardrobe of weekend wear. I'm absolutely in love with the few pieces they've decided to debut and I can't wait to see what's added to the collection. For everyone that thought the Lululemon cult was fading, try again.           Screenshot 2014-01-21 22.31.00 Screenshot 2014-01-21 22.31.35                                                            


image001Talk about a brand that has made a complete 180. When their customers asked for more fashion-forward pieces, they delivered. We've had the pleasure of working with Brooks over the years, so we were absolutely floored when we found out that their apparel side was bringing more stylized pieces to the market.This is another brand that kills it when it comes to textile technology and research to make sure they are giving runners exactly what they need to "run happy." Brooks may be known for its running shoes, but as one of the few pure running brands that "get it," they've put themselves in another league. Expect more awesomeness from Brooks. You'll want to trust us on that. For now, check out their PureProject apparel collection.  


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