"Why 'curves' are getting on my nerves"

January 13, 2014


By Leslie Marant I can't count how many times I've heard "I'm not as big as she is". Or have been told by a clearly obese person, "I don't want to be skinny, I want to keep my curves." Pardon? When did any medically acceptable standard of health or fitness have acorns to do with someone else's size or shape? When did 50 lbs of glute fat become "curves". Help me out. This isn't about fat shaming or degradation. But there's been some crazy cultural shift to accepting poor health (which includes more than being overweight) as long as it's stylish and sexy. Well there's nothing cute or sexy about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. "Curves" is too often used as a self-esteem booster for people carrying too much fat in dangerous places. Yeah I said it. Fat. Fat stuffed into tight attire, breasts spilling out in advertisement, booty squeezed like a vice grip, all crowned with to-die-for hair, primped and pampered hands and feet, a four figure purse, and shoes which inspire drool. Or fat covered in shapeless shifts to hide it. "Curves" is sometimes the defense mechanism word, the protective shield. But when did we begin playing Jeddhi mind tricks on ourselves and substituting words like "curves" for obesity? And HOLD UP before you jump down my throat, or try. I don't advocate "thin" or "skinny". I'm 100% about that healthy and fit life and applaud it in every shape and size. The cultural acceptance of stylish, broken bodies is creating harmful legacies and is resulting in worsening health statistics in our community. We're functioning poorly and passing it to our kids. "I have my curves and I'm healthy". Says who? When your doctor tells you there are no abnormalities, diseases, or threat of diseases in your body and in the way your organs function you can declare yourself healthy. Until then stop. You're fit when you're physically sound and healthy as the result of exercise and proper nutrition. So yeah, "curves" are getting on my nerves. Not because I don't think everyone is beautiful and should love and accept themselves as is, right here and right now, but because it's spoken by folks with hypertension medication in the closet or by those who can't take three flights of stairs without becoming winded. Exercise properly and you can build any body part you want, including a curvy booty, sexy arms, whatever (might have to buy some ta-tas depending on how your genetics go and if they're that important to ya). Muscles make curves. Add however much fat you want on top of that fat AS LONG as the level of fat doesn't negatively impact organ function and vitals. There's a happy and healthy place between obesity and being a fitness model. Find that place. It's different, and will look different, for everyone. Just make health the priority. Please. And stop it with the nicknames that keep folk in bondage to unhealthy, poorly performing bodies. Thinking it's all good. It's not. Curves shmurves.  


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