#WorkoutWed - Full Body Circuit

January 08, 2014


Workout Wednesday is in full effect, so I wanted to share with you guys today's workout. In my New Year's resolution, I resolved to hit the weights HARD this year. So far, I haven't missed a workout. Here's today's full body circuit. As a full body circuit, your goal is to move through all of the exercises before taking a rest. At the end of the circuit, I usually give myself one minute to catch my breathe. When you do this workout, you want to make sure that you pick weights that will challenge you, but not make it so difficult that you can't complete the workout. I've included the weights that I will use just as a reference point. The 2 mile warmup is usually done at a 9-10 minute mile pace. Although it's a warm up, you still want to MOVE!!! Run 2 miles Full Body circuit 3 sets, 15 reps  
Bent Dumbell Rows (15 lbs)
Barbell Bicep Curl (30 lbs)
Seated Dumbbell Bicep Curls (15lb dumbbells)
Seated Shoulder Dumbbell Press (15lb dumbbells)
Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise (5 lb dumbbells)
Standing Dumbell Overhead Tricep Extension (1 - 20 lb dumbbell)
Single Arm Triceps Kickbacks (10 lb dumbbells)
Barbell Flat Bench Chest Press (40 lbs)
Barbell Incline Chest Press (40 lbs)
Walking Lunges (2 - 25lb dumbbells)
Squats (2 - 25lb dumbells)
Split Squats (2-15lb dumbells)
100 crunches
Finish the workout with 20 minutes of moderate cardio. I usually cycle or hop on the elliptical since I start the workout with a run on the treadmill. You will be a bit sore after the workout, so make sure that you STRETCH. I'll be sharing a few of my favorite stretches next week.

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