January 07, 2014


As soon as Fall hit, I knew I had to do something with my hair. My hair hated the cold weather and could tell it was only the beginning. Plus, I was due for a new hairstyle! I decided to straighten my hair. I have to say, I was a bit reluctant. I love my curls and I've heard horror story, after horror store about ladies losing their curl pattern due to excessive heat. I knew I was going to have to up the ante, so I visited my hairstylist to formulate a "Winter Hair Plan" (one of many plans I'm on, might I add). Together we formulated a game plan that we both agreed on. I would continue to visit the salon and get my hair straightened every two weeks during the winter months. She would pay careful attention to my curls to make sure they weren't damaged and I'd keep my hair hydrated with oils. Luckily, in my stylist's words, my hair loves being straight, but there's a few things that help me maintain my style while working out. 8a4769d5299bcd8edc21e86fd99bc056IMG_18071.) Instead of flat ironing my hair "bone straight," I opt for big bouncy curls! Think Tracee Ellis Ross curls (my idol). This gives my hair two weeks to "fall" so that I can maintain a cute (and sexy) hair style.       2013-12-23 16.09.452.) I pin curl my hair every night. Forget wrapping your hair. First I use 2-3 pumps of argon oil and run through my hair. Then, I create 4-6 big pin curls to extend my style using big hair clips. I cover the pin curls with a silk scarf and add a bondi band (yes, a bondi band) to make sure it's extra secure ( and just in case I sweat during the night...heeheheehee). Before I head out the door the next morning, I undo each pin curl, spray with oil sheen and finger style my hair. I RARELY use a comb.     2013-12-17 20.12.082013-12-17 20.12.13   2013-12-17 20.12.05           3.) Now, let's talk about the workout. PART 1: Before I head out for a run or to the gym, I make sure my hair is in a super high pony tail. I add hair pins where my hair tends to fall down and to make sure my pony is super secure. You DO NOT want any loose hairs to accidentally touch your face or neck (this will create frizz). Again, use a bondi band to wick away sweat and moisture while you are working out. This is IMPERATIVE. Otherwise your edges will bounce back to curls. IMG_1977IMG_1978 PART 2: As equally important as the bondi band, is what happens after the workout. As soon as I get home, I pin curl my hair again in 4-6 pin curls. DO NOT REMOVE THE BONDI BAND. Immediately get under the dryer for 5-10 minutes until your edges are COMPLETELY dry. Before you hit the shower, slip the silk scarf back on and add a shower cap before getting cleaned up. Once you have finished getting dressed, you can then remove the scarf, bondi band and undo the pin curls. The key is to make sure your hair is completely dry before you remove the bondi band and style your hair. More things to keep in mind: - I know it's a pain in the arse, but I recommend visiting a hairstylist to get a customized winter routine. Your stylist will be able to recommend a good regimen and assess exactly what your hair needs. Not visiting your stylist semi-regularly doesn't allow them to catch potential issues before they become big problems (ie, hair breakage, hair loss, etc.) - There's one caveat. My hair LOVES being straight. This might not work  for everyone. Make adjustments as you see fit. - This regimen probably won't work during the summer! LOL We will see. - Make sure your stylist continues to hydrate your hair with deep conditioners or a steam treatment. You should also continue to have your ends trimmed every six weeks. They should pay careful attention to how your hair reacts to the heat to preserve your curls. - Going to the salon every two weeks may not be feasible. Most natural folks went natural to avoid going to the salon. But there's one thing that I've learned. Seeing a good hair stylist on a regular basis will ensure your hair stays healthy! During the summer, I will go back to seeing my stylist every 4 to 6 weeks for steam treatments and/or a trim. What's your winter hair routine? Do you see a hairstylist on a regular basis?


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