Lululemon Loses CEO and Chairman, But Gains My Respect

December 11, 2013


chipI love fashion, always have and always will. One of the great things about my job is that I get to join my love of clothes with my love of being active. One of my favorite brands has always been Lululemon. They have been totally ahead of the curve when it comes to providing workout apparel that is both fashionable and functional. Yeah, the price point can be debated, but when it comes to style in the gym, on the pavement,  on the bike, and in the streets they've nailed it. However, there's alway been one thing that has rubbed me the wrong way. Their now ex-chairman, Chip Wilson. It seems he was always suggesting something inappropriate, like that  "some women’s bodies just actually don’t work” for their yoga pants followed by his awkward apology. Turns out he's said some other questionable things, including that smoking and birth control pills led to high divorce rates and that the reason the company is named Lululemon is because it was funny that Japanese people couldn't pronounce the "L"........ *insert blank stare here* So, we can chalk this guy up to being cray cray with a great idea. Now, I'm not going to lie. Besides his weirdness, I would still buy Lululemon...... and I have. But, what bothered me so much about this situation was this was a man that the CEO and board decided to put infront of cameras and actually show the world how wacked out he is. That' s public relations 101. Or either a power play to get him out of the company. Perhaps I've been watching to much Scandal and House of Cards.......Anyway, I'm glad to see him go and I have to think the outrage of us Lululemon-wearing women was much to blame for his exit. Quite frankly, I'm so tired of the war on women, I can't stand it. And let's be honest, we let these men get away with far too much. From politics and proposed legistlation to men like Chip who are constantly telling us who we are, what we should be and what's wrong with us. I've got two words for you. Use your imagination. So, Lululemon, kudos to you for getting rid of ol' Chip. I'm sure he'll keep himself busy post-Lululemon (I can only imagine what that looks like). For that I'll give you a second chance to win my heart over. But next time you put someone infront of a camera to degrade your primary money maker, I won't be so forgiving.  

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