December 08, 2013


Congratulations to Troy Rozier the winner for the "Give Thanks and Run Happy" giveaway sponsored by Brooks!

Troy was nominated by his sister, Teresa. Below is what she had to say.
securedownloadAt 201lbs, only 47 inches tall, and 2 years away from my 50th birthday. I decided to make a lifestyle change. I started with Weight Watchers and a gym membership. After 8 months of Zumba and Spin classes, I lost weight, felt better, and thought I was in shape. Troy suggested Stone Mountain as another option for exercise. Troy started his transformation with INSANITY. His personality is “whatever he starts, he is committed and finishes.” I was up for the challenge but oh was I shocked at how great a task climbing Stone Mountain was for me. The first time I only climbed ½ up. Troy and I would arrive EVERY Saturday and Sunday between 6-8 am. We would start together but run at our own pace. One cold Sunday, I considered sleeping in the car until Troy finished his run. However, I knew if he found me sleeping in the car, he would forever remind me of my goal. His commitment and consistency keeps me motivated to always do my best and his presence makes me accountable. As I watched his healthy transformation, I realized because of his persistence I am 171lbs healthier and happy runner too.
Troy will win a pair of Brooks running shoes! Congrats Troy!

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