Find Your Winter Skin Care Regimen

November 16, 2013


As much as I hate to admit it, winter is here. How do I know? My skin tells me so. My skin, particularly my hands and face have been awfully dry as of late. But this isn't anything new. It's been happening since I can remember so each fall I ditch my summertime products and stock up on uber hydrating concotions to make my skin and hair happy. Here's a few ways to keep every part of your body hydrated. 1.) Drink Plenty of Water: We preach this constantly, but the quickest way for your skin to dry out is not staying hydrated. Just because summer is over doesn't mean you should change your water routine. Keep chugging that h2o.   IMG_1808 2.) Change up your lotion: During the summer, I can get away with wearing the frou frou lotion, but during the winter I have to use something a lot more substantial. Let me introduce you to the awesomeness of coconut oil. Besides cooking with it, you can also use it on your hair and as a lotion. I know what you're thinking. Doesn't it create a greasy mess? Not at all. Do your usual bath routine, then lotion up with the good stuff. Here's a tip: Keep it in a dark, warm area for a more liquid consistency. My favorite brand is Barlean's Coconut Oil, but you can find coconut oil almost anywhere. Just make sure it's unrefined.         IMG_1810 3.) Revaluate your hair routine: My hair stylist is awesome! Each time I see her we talk about what's working and what's not. On my most recent visit I complained about the dryness of my hair and we decided to change it up for the winter. On top of keeping my hair straightened, each night I put a few drops of Morrocan Oil (Argan Oil) on my hair before wrapping it up for the night. Here's another tip: Put a drop into your facial moisturizer for added moisture. Now, be warned. This stuff isn't cheap. USE JUST A DROP FOR YOUR HAIR AND FACE.               IMG_1814 4.) Revaluate your facial routine: Since we are revaluating things, take another look at your facial regimen. Again, my skin gets super dry and I'm all over Burt's Bees facial product line. Particularly their soap bark and chamomile deep cleaning cream and rosewater toner. All you need is a good face lotion (with the moroccan oil) and you're good to go.                 IMG_1809 5.) Give your body a good soak: Besides getting you all squeaky clean, baths are great for relaxing your body and mind. Keep your spirits up and your skin oh-so-soft with Indigo Wild's Zum Tub bath salts! It's not your average bath salts. The all-natural sea salt crystals are handmade with shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil and pure essential oils. All that goodness will keep your skin glistening.                 IMG_1812 6.) Give your face a mist: I've raved about the H2O+ line in previous posts, but what better time than now to add one of their products to your daily routine. If your skin is looking a little drab, give it a little spritz with their Oasis Mist to give yourself a natural glow. Your skin will be sure to brighten someone's day.                 What are your favorite winter skin care products?

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