What happens when running collides with the Best Man Holiday? Everything you’ve dreamed of. #sponsored

November 10, 2013


Sponsored Post This summer, we had the opportunity to interview the charming Morris Chestnut during the Essence Music Festival. As if we needed more reasons to adore him, we learned that he is a new runner and used running to slim down for his role in the Best Man Holiday opening on Nov. 15. Although he never thought of himself of a runner (or participating in anything with “ing” in it), we were excited to learn that running is something he will stick with. So, if Morris likes to run, what about his other cast mates? When we asked if he works out with his other cast mates, he explained that Taye Diggs and Harold Perrineu are beasts in the gym, while he’s more social. That got us wondering. If we were tasked with scripting each character in the Best Man Holiday, what type of fitness freaks would each of the characters in the movie be? Best Man Holiday     Lance Sullivan (played by Morris Chestnut) – The Football Player You probably won’t see Lance in the gym because he’s worked out before you’ve raised your pretty little head off of your pillow and he’s getting it in at a private gym. After all, he IS a professional football player. He’s serious about his regimen and distractions aren’t an option (i.e. IF you even ran into him at the gym, he’s not going to be checking you out). Favorite Workout Brand: UnderArmour Playlist: 2 Chainz, Nas and Lil’ Wayne Workout of choice: Running and lifting weights   Best Man Holiday             The Best Man Holiday_Image 29 Harper Stewart (played by Taye Diggs) – The Adventure Runner Harper’s outlet is pushing the envelope to the edge during his workouts. He’s a sucker for adventure races and can keep up with the best of them. He’s even thinking about a triathlon. He may not look hardcore, but once he takes his shirt off, there’s another story to be told. The Best Man HolidayFavorite Workout Brand: Nike Playlist: The Roots, Common and De La Soul Workout of choice: Crossfit and Spartan Races         Best Man HolidayQuentin Spivey (played by Terrence Howard) – The Social Gym Rat Quentin is in the gym everyday, but for all the wrong reasons. He’s the guy that stays in the gym for hours on end doing more observing” than actual sweating.  He hits on you every time the two of you run into each other.  But you don’t mind that much because his eyes are GORGEOUS! Favorite Workout Brand: Lululemon Playlist – Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, Justin Timberlake Workout of choice: Women watching       The Best Man Holiday                 The Best Man HolidayJulian Murch (played by Harold Perrineau) – The Cyclist Julian has more important things to do than worry about hitting the gym everyday! Hello! But, he does like to put his road bike to the pavement. For him, the speed and the open air what he needs to keep his sanity. Favorite Workout Brand: Pearl Izumi Playlist: Ohio Players, James Brown and Earth, Wind and Fire Workout of choice: Cycling   The Best Man Holiday_Image 30

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