Experiencing Halloween Candy Coma?

November 01, 2013


9c876e2d7569537f8c55b3a5f434cd6eI'm imagining most of you are doing the walk of shame to the scale this morning to determine just how much candy you ate yesterday. It's okay. It happens to the best of us. We're all human. You've probably confiscated the gobs of candy your kid(s) collected or are staring at the bowl full of candy that remains after a slow night of goblins. Either way, I'm sure you're having a internal conflict about just what to do with all that candy! Yeah, yeah, yeah, save a few for yourself, but let's be honest, no one is safe with that amount of Halloween candy around. Trust, you won't want to drag this out. Here's a few ways to get rid of your excess candy. 1.) Take it to work......but don't put on your desk. Take it to the nearest break room or common area to let your co-workers have at it. Their waistline isn't your problem. 2.) Check out http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com/ (Thanks LaKeisha on Facebook for the suggestion). Donate your leftover candy and it's sent to the troops overseas. 3.) Trash it. I know, I hear by parents saying, "There are starving kids in Africa." Seriously. It's what's best. 4.) Create a goody bag and visit some local charities that accept candy donations. Check with your local nursing homes, food pantries, veteran’s homes or shelters. 5.) Here's a novel idea. Have a wine party and pair all those different chocolates with your favorite vinos.  The chocolate, caramel, nuttiness of Snickers go great with tawny ports, and the cookie-like Twix goes well with a smooth Scotch, suggests StarChefs.com. 6.) Turn it into a science experiment. Kimberly Crandell, a mom of three with an aeronautical engineering degree, came up with 10 ways to turn leftover candy into a learning experience. Check out her super-smart ideas on science20.com. Now eat that one last piece of candy, and get to purging. *Several ideas were taken from the Black Girls RUN! Facebook page and Parenting.com.

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