How To Give the Perfect Motivational Speech

October 29, 2013


cats,kittens-a8508467e12bedd5c109fb8db8880e5a_hIf you are a Black Girls RUN! ambassador, run leader or member, odds are you've probably had to give a motivational speech. It could have been before a group run or right before a big race. And odds also are that you probably didn't know what to say. In my past life, I often had to ghostwrite speeches for senior executives, so you'd think I'd have the whole motivational speech thing down, right? But when it comes to pumping up a group of runners, it often sounds more like a repeat of something I've heard in church. You know the drill. Giving honor to God, who's the head of my life.....I'm sure you can finish the rest. Well, the folks over at has cracked the code to giving the perfect motivational speech. Their "Your Fill-in-the Blank Motivational Speech" is perfect for every occasion. Need to say a few words before a race? Need to pump yourself up in the morning? Starting an uprising? You've been selected to saw a few words at a wedding reception?.....okay, maybe not the wedding reception, but if you are responsible for getting a group of people jazzed, try your hand at this. I actually plan to use it in the near future. Here's what I've come up with. ______ I stand before you this evening to tell you that you are WINNERS and to KEEP IT UP. It's been a tough YEAR. We all know it. Right, ASHLEY? Right?! Right. Let me tell you a little story. I once GOT INJURED DURING A RACE. Sure, I could've WEPT UNCONTROLLABLY, but I didn't do that. You know what I did? I ran back toward the FINISH LINE. Did I solve the problem with my brain? Well, SORT OF. Mainly, I solved it with my HEART. Sometimes you have to DIG DEEP. We've risen to the challenge before, and we can do it again. You know why? Because we're WINNERS AND DREAMERS. Right? Right?! I can't hear you! Here's how we're going to EMERGE HEALTHY. 1. We're gonna CRY LIKE BABIES FOR A FEW MINUTES AS A CATHARTIC EXERCISE. 2. We're gonna I DON'T REALLY KNOW … ASHLEY, YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS?. 3. We're gonna APOLOGIZE TO NO ONE. 4. We're gonna REGROUP AS A STRONGER TEAM. And 5. We're gonna WALK OUT OF THIS ROOM AND DO THE JOBS WE WERE BORN TO DO. In closing, AL PACINO once said during ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, "WE'RE IN HELL RIGHT NOW, GENTLEMEN, BELIEVE ME". Now, with that in mind, let's WATCH THE YOUTUBE OF THE WHOLE PACINO THING. IT'S AWESOME!.
What do you guys think?
Create your own motivational speech using the template by going here:
Random thought......Who else hates those motivational quote posters???

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