Black Girls RUN! Running Terms 101

October 28, 2013


When I first started running, I realized very quickly that runners have their own vocabulary and I was completely clueless. Not only that, over the years, the Black Girls RUN! Nation has also developed its "slang" for all things BGR!-related. To save you some grief, here's a few running terms that you definitely need to know. Ambassador - Black Girls RUN! groups are led by ambassadors. These individuals volunteer their time to serve as the primary point of contact for each Black Girls RUN! group. They are responsible for scheduling, coordinating and leading group runs, as well as working with Black Girls RUN! HQ on special initiatives and events. BGR! HQ - Individuals that work with Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, founders of Black Girls RUN! Bling - a medal from a road race Cheer Tunnel – after a Black Girls RUN! group run, members form two lines opposite of each other for ladies finishing their run to run through. Members cheer and encourage ladies as they pass through the two lines. MOVEment – while Black Girls RUN! is a social movement, we like to say it’s a MOVEment to get women up and active. No Woman Left Behind – a phrase used by Black Girls RUN! members. It means that the running group will wait for everyone to finish before leaving the group run. Preserve the Sexy – Black Girls RUN!’s tagline Run Coordinator – run coordinators assist Black Girls RUN! ambassadors in leading in group runs. They are responsible for ensuring everyone feels welcome during group runs, everyone knows the running route and ensuring everyone has a safe run. Sweeper – the very last person in a group run that makes sure no one is left behind. This person is designated by the ambassador or run coordinator leading the run. Walk Before You Run Coordinator – Black Girls RUN! member leading the Walk Before You Run program in their respective city. Walk Before You Run program – Black Girls RUN!’s exclusive training program that takes you from walking to running your first 5k.

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