Brooks Apparel Gets Pure

October 24, 2013


You know how hard it can be to find the right running tight or the perfect bra (that gives you two boobs) or a pair of shorts that actually look like they are made for running and not for the bedroom. Well, let me introduce you to one of Brooks' newest creation, the PureProject apparel line. Now, you're probably thinking, "I've heard of that before". Circa 2011, Brooks introduced launched their PureProject shoe collection which was  their take on the minimalist movement. Since then, the shoe product line has expanded to continue giving runners a minimalist like run, with all the other things you love about Brooks shoes.

I have one word to describe their PureProject apparel line for women AND men. Dope. We all know you know who has been dominating the market when it comes to fresh running and workout gear and FINALLY someone is stepping to the plate to not only provide fashionable items, but functional items with awesome fabric technology to address all those pain points we women have. (Can someone say all seamless everything?!?!?!)

So the big question? When can we get our hands on it? Sorry folks, most of the collection won't debut until first quarter 2014. Hey, at least you know 2014 is already bringing you some good shiz.

Although I had a chance to touch and feel many of the items, I can't wait to give them a test run (particularly that seamless bra)! Rest assured, we'll keep you posted as more news and information is shared with us!

Oh, and don't forget about your boo thang! As I was thumbing through the racks of samples, I saw SEVERAL items I can't wait to snag for my other half. What's most impressive about the men's line? LONG SHORTS! No more running in basketball shorts! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  PureProjectApparel-W PureProjectApparel-M

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