Monday Funny: 28 Reasons Why Training for a Marathon Is The Worst Thing Ever

October 21, 2013


"So you woke up one morning feeling fat and lazy and thought, this is the year everything changes.I should do something meaningful and impressive with my life. …something that people will cheer for. Like a marathon." That's typically how it starts. When I came across a series of gifs that explained why training for a marathon is the worst thing ever, I couldn't help but laugh. Many of which I could relate to. (Like that moment when you realize  "just how much time you are wasting. 35 miles a week x 16 weeks x 10 minutes per mile = 5,600 minutes of your life gone. JUST GONE."....yeah....been there done that). Nonetheless it won't keep me from doing them. Wait isn't that the definition of insanity??? Anywhoo, if you need a good Monday laugh, check out the article here:

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