Join BGR! Nation for these Upcoming Races

September 25, 2013


Picture 3 Firefly RUN! Atlanta - October 5 Chase the night, and win! Join BGR! Nation for the Firefly Run in Atlanta, Ga. on October 5, 2013! That's right, the Firefly run, "the coolest, most eye dazzling, and illuminating 5K night race. Runners and walkers of all speeds and experience are welcomed. Decorate yourself like a Christmas tree or dress up in mesmerizing costumes and let your creativity flow. Enjoy the post-race after party with live entertainment, refreshments, and amazing visual effects! Come out and support us for a great cause that benefits local charities. Relax and enjoy the spectacular sight of an one-of-a-kind night-time race. It’s time to get your glow on and light up the night like fireflies!" Sign up today and share with your family and friends. Use code BGRFFR105 for $15 off. Ready, set and go RUN! gleaming, radiant, and brilliant! Color Fun Fest Houston - October 12 Discount Code: BGR13 for $10 off registration Firefly RUN! Houston - November 2   Discount Code: BGR13 for $10 off registration Rave Run Phoenix - November 23 Discount Code: BGR13 for $10 off registration

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