Maintaining Your Summertime Fine(ness)

July 08, 2013


You’ve worked too hard to give up on all your hard work

Girl, you’ve been putting in work during the winter season and it shows: Your abs have never been tighter, your clothes are fitting better and you feel good. You’ve checked yourself out countless times in the dressing room mirror and you finally found it: the perfect bathing suit.

[caption id="attachment_8505" align="alignleft" width="386"]The beach may be calling your name, but it's no excuse to give up all the hard work you've put in. The beach may be calling your name, but it's no excuse to give up all the hard work you've put in.[/caption]

Like many of us, a summer vacation is just around the corner. Whether you’re headed to the beach or having a staycation at home, I hope you remember one thing if nothing else: Don’t let all your hard work go to waste once you’re on vacation. Your healthier habits might have started off with a temporary mindset, but honey, it’s not too late to make this thing permanent.

Chill...You Can Still Enjoy Your Vacay

But how? you might be wondering. You’ve dreamed of the all-night buffets on your upcoming Caribbean cruise. Oh, the chocolate you’re planning to consume! The margaritas are calling your name! You’re not about to ruin my vacation, are you?

Quite the opposite. I care enough about you, friend, to protect you from the self loathing that comes once vacation is over — when you only get one good wear out of  that new bikini or when all those cute summer clothes won’t quite conceal that muffin top you brought back from your seaside stay.

But what if I told you that you could both enjoy your vacation and not give up all you’ve worked for? Because it’s possible, sister. Here’s how:

  • Have a plan. Along with your beach towel, sunglasses and sandals, you should also tote along a plan. Decide now what you will and will not eat while on vacation. You can still enjoy your vacation and indulge a little, but just don’t overdo it.

  • Keep a schedule. In between sightseeing and and snorkeling, remember to keep up with your water intake and exercise regimen.

  • Look for healthier options. They do sell light margaritas, you know. And that dessert you’ve been dreaming about? Yeah..that’s big enough for two. Be a friend and share.

  • Relax. This should really go without saying, but I can’t tell you how many vacations I’ve been on that didn’t end up being that relaxing. In an attempt to see everything, I filled up my schedule with too much stuff. Give your mind and body a break and plan time to just be.

Was there anything I missed? How do you keep up with your healthy habits while you’re on vacation? Share your tips below in the comments section!


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