Celebrating My Journey

July 05, 2013


1372426044148By: Deneen Young, BGR! Philadelphia Ambassador It is a beautiful moment in BGR! Nation--what a beautiful morning it is.  Today I celebrate you as I reflect over the past two years of my journey as well as I am celebrating the start of another journey for me with continuing to transform my body--taking it to another level focusing on other body parts and getting even more fit and in tune to what I put in my body as well as what I put my body through. Shifting from all the cardio to more strength training, focusing on what I tolerate mentally and emotional from myself and others.  Yesterday I was reminded by a few women that by sharing with them and others my journey it has helped them get to their goals and to know it can be done.  So again I celebrate you who are contemplating getting healthy and changing your LIFE, your lifestyle or may be in fear of beginning or you may have stopped and don't know how to get back up—I encourage you to JUST DO IT!  Do it for YOU for and your family because I'm sure you want to be around for a long time and your family wants you around for a long time.  Heck, do it just “because” that is the way you were made to be healthy!  Save your  life, be patient with yourself and know that eating healthy, planning, setting goals, working out (moving), working on your mental health and mental strength all go hand in hand!  For me I began looking at and working on all the junk that ailed me mentally and emotionally the initial weight that weighed me down (WOW looking back 15 years ago seems crazy working on your mental but it had to be done)--little did I know that was the beginning of my journey and I only look back as a reminder of where I came from and for me how far He has brought me and continues to keep me pushing and pressing towards more.  For me I pray that someone if not one is blessed and realizes that you are worth every sweat and tear every moment of determination, dedication, discipline, and devotion to YOURSELF! Quote I love: Exercise! Like your body is the one thing that is actually yours, something you can mold and transform and never have it be taken away from you.  Why would you settle to let your body be anything less than its best?  Author unknown.  

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