BGR! Spotlight: Essence Carson

July 02, 2013


20100929_Essence_0229-EditBlack Girls RUN! had the great opportunity of chatting with the WNBA's New York Liberty player, Essence Carson. The 26-yr-old basketball star has been playing since she was six years old. Carson was the 7th draft pick in the 2008 WNBA draft. She also has a true passion for performing and producing music. Now that the WNBA season is in full gear, we wanted to dive into her life and find out what she does to stay fit and healthy.  BGR: Tell us a little bit about yourself, including your background and where you are from. EC: I am from Paterson, NJ. Played basketball at Eastside High. (Lean on Me) and later on for the world famous Vivian Stringer at Rutgers. I was drafted to the New York Liberty in 2008. I've studied music since age 9 and I'm now an artist/producer. I currently have 2 singles on iTunes with an album pending release entitled 'Broken Diary'. I also have 2 videos to go with both of those singles. You can get info about my music and basketball career at BGR: When did you start playing basketball? EC: Since i can remember... I always played basketball in the neighborhood with the boys, but I began plying organized ball when I was 11. BGR: When did you realize you wanted to play professionally? EC: The WNBA came into existence when I was 12.  Ever since I saw the first game I knew I wanted to someday be on the same court. BGR: Where did the nickname Pr3pE come from? EC: Started back in college and was based on my sense of style/fashion and the fact that I was a scholar.   Back then I was part of a production group and there were 3 of us, hence the 3 in Pr3pe. The name stuck over the years and here I am today. BGR: How did you get involved in music and rapping? EC: I was involved in music since I was 9 starting with the saxophone and piano. I then went to a performing arts high school and onto studying music in college.  I'm an 80s baby so I was raised in that rich hip-hop culture. Rap music always appealed to me. I actually began with writing poetry and transitioned onto rap. I wrote my first rap at age 12. BGR: I read in your bio that you wanted to be Stevie Wonder when you were 5, what is it about him that you admire? EC: Stevie Wonder is simply amazing! I most admire his ability to create beautiful music. His melodies are unforgettable, literally... His ability to play the piano while lacking his sight is also intriguing. He is just a great musician all around.  All hail Stevie :) BGR: What instruments do you play? EC: I play the piano, sax, electric bass, and drums. BGR: What does health and fitness mean to you? EC: Health and fitness mean a great deal to me, as i learned about its benefits very early on with playing sports.  Both of these have proven to extend our lifespan and have been linked with people who generally live happier lives...  Because of my passion for staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle  I partnered with an organization called Health Equity Initiative to help advance health equityin underserved communities.  In this role I help to educate communities on fitness, exercising, healthier eating habits and the many choices that are contributing to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. BGR: What do you do besides playing basketball, during the off season? EC: In the off season I work on my music more.... BGR: What is your favorite food? My favorite foods are steak, spinach, and corn. BGR: What do you do to relax? EC: I normally play he piano to relax and get my mind in check. BGR: What is one little known fact about yourself? EC: One little known fact about me is that I won the state title for the open 400m race my Senior year in high school. Be sure to follow Essence Carson on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @Pr3pe Check out Essence's latest video for her new single, "Hater".

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