The Skinny on Flaxseed

June 03, 2013


[caption id="attachment_8394" align="alignleft" width="197"]Photo Credit: Kathleen Breman/Photodisc/GettyImages Photo Credit: Kathleen Breman/Photodisc/GettyImages[/caption] By: Trevina Nicholson We have all heard that if you want to lose weight you must exercise and eat right. Well there is a lot of truth in that, but eating right is the biggest truth of them all. I have been a victim to trying out all of the latest craze in health food. I’ve tried the liquid diet, the no carbs diet, you name it, and I have tried it. One day while visiting an older cousin of mine I noticed her eating this form of seed in her meal. I said to myself is this girl crazy why is she putting seeds in her food. So, I asked her what in heavens name was she eating and why? She then said its Flaxseeds, as she picks up this medium sized bag, it helps me to loose weight; and indeed she did start to loose weight. Now this came as a shock to me. How can a seed, which reminded me of those seeds that I use to eat as a kid because it came in different flavors not to loose weight, so I was stumped. So the next thing I did was go home and research it before I gave it a try myself and what I found was surprising. To think I have never heard of it before, now many you of you probably have but this was a first for me. So this is what I found out. What are they? Now, I am not going to sit here and lecture about what they are that would be boring but what I will tell you is that Flaxseeds happen to carry one of the most nutrients, and no it is not technically a grain, but it does contain similar protein and vitamins that a grain pertains, according to Flaxseeds can be low in carbohydrate, which can be beneficial to those who are limiting their intakes of sugar and starches. Tips: 1. Whole flaxseeds can be stored in a room temperature atmosphere for up to a year. 2. Flaxseeds that are grinded will need to be refrigerated, WH Foods said if not it would loose all freshness. How can they help to loose weight? How can it be beneficial to your health? The healthy fat and high fiber is what contributes to weight loss. Just think of them as your personal cleanser, scrubbing away at your intestinal walls. The flaxseeds are rich in healthy dietary fat, it contains the Omega-3 fatty acid that helps to protect against heart disease, cancers and diabetes. It has also been said that it gives you a glowing skin and strong nails and hair. In addition, it also contains protein and calcium, which is helpful in weight loss. Tip: Flaxseed oil can also be taken because it does contain the omega-3 fatty acid, however, it will not give the same effect as a raw flaxseed, stated by the Mayo Clinic. [caption id="attachment_8395" align="alignleft" width="164"]Photo Credit: evewaspartiallyright.blogspotcom Photo Credit: evewaspartiallyright.blogspotcom[/caption] How can it be consumed? To prepare flaxseed is based upon what works best for you. They can be taken with hot or cold cereals; it can be used in yogurt, or breads and muffins. Some may just eat the flaxseed as is without any other food. There have been many conversations about whether you eat the flaxseed as a whole or ground it the truth it you can do either one. According to the Flax council of Canada, it is best to grind them because whole seed will pass through your body undigested, although you can use it as stated earlier. Tip: Drink plenty of water when taking flaxseed. So what do you think are flaxseed the new craze in diet town? If you have tried it or thought about I want to hear your story and results! ----------------------------- Picture 1Trevina Nicholson is a writer/journalist and entrepreneur. She is Caribbean, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica until the age of 8. Plan to make a life out of writing and owning my own business and living a healthy lifestyle. Live, Love, Life. To connect with Trevina,  Twitter: Instagram: Elite_Writer Facebook:

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