Brooks I.D. Member: Jerod Honrath

May 22, 2013


Brooks_LogoV_BlueBlack1Black Girls RUN! cofounder, Ashley Hicks had the great opportunity of interviewing Brooks Running I.D. member, Jerod Honrath. Their interview below goes into everything the runner, police officer, and detective loves about running and more. Ashley (A): How did you get interested in running? Jerod (J): I have always been interested in running as it was a way to keep in shape back in my college hockey playing days. However I really started running when I got hired on with the Dallas Police Dept in 1998. Before that I was a 3 day a week runner logging in a few miles at a time. After I started Police Academy it substantially increased to 5-6 days a week. My first Sgt out in Patrol after graduation from Academy deserves all the credit. Sgt Curtis Goodwin introduced me to racing and got me entered into my first 10k in 1999. After that race I increased to a Half Marathon in 2000. A few months after that race, I decided to try for a Full Marathon. Sgt Goodwin not only created a long run plan for me, but we actually ran together around MIDNIGHT in the summer to avoid those Texas 100 degree temps. Yes long runs at midnight around a lake here in Dallas!!!  Anyway, we both ran side by side at the 2002 Chicago Marathon and we finished together. To this day, Sgt Curtis Goodwin is not only one of my best friends, but is one of the first text messages I send upon completion of a race.   downloadA: How long have you been running? J: Been running since my college hockey playing days, but officially my first race was a 10K in 1999 so let's go with that.... A: What was your training process like? J: My Training process has evolved throughout the years depending on what type of race and distance I'm training for. I can offer these details though, I ONLY run 4 days a week and do not do anything else the other three days. Rest I have found out is much needed, and overlooked with plenty of runners. I have been doing this since 2006 as I found out that it works best for me. A typical run will be between 6-10 for three of the days and an 18-26 on the weekend. Being that I travel and run so many races on the weekend, a marathon normally gets fit into my schedule every 2-3 weeks. A: What keeps you motivated to run, even when you do not want to? J: I can honestly say that I am NEVER not motivated to run. I am so very very fortunate to be able to run and do what I do :) A: How do you balance work and running? J: Running helps be BIGTIME relax and take the focus off of work. I can go disappear during a long run and focus on other things not work related. I have however been VERY VERY FORTUNATE throughout the years to have work that is so supportive in my Running and Adventures!!! A: Tell me about the process of getting hired as a detective. J: Getting hired with the Dallas Police Department is a very long process. But how I  got to my current position as a Detective in the Fusion Center of the Dallas Police Dept is: I worked in Patrol for approx 9.5 years and took a exam to promote to Senior Corporal. After obtaining that rank with approx 4 years on the Dept, I became a Field Training Officer( FTO) where I trained recruits upon graduation from academy. Approx 40-50 were trained by me over a 5.5 year span. I decided in late 2007 to interview with the Fusion Center where I was SO SO very fortunate to be selected. A: When and where was your first marathon?Picture 1 J: My first Marathon was in 2002 at the Chicago Marathon. A: How did you get interested in doing marathons all over the world? J: I got interested in running all over the USA and World from my Parents who exposed me to countless trips and travels throughout the world and USA growing up. I have always been a traveler and just decided now to try to incorporate races in places that I want to see. My current goals are to run a marathon on every continent and also run a marathon in all 50 states in under 4 hours. 100 races either a marathon or ultra marathon I would very much like to accomplish as well. I need to stay healthy and of course have some major luck on my side to accomplish all of this as well. :) A: Name some of the locations you have been. J: Some of the locations for marathons and half marathons are: Sydney, Australia,  Sendai, Japan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Vancouver and Montreal Canada.  Boston, NYC, Chicago, Fargo, ND, Miami, Phoenix, Dallas.... The list goes on and on and on! A: What was your favorite place you traveled to? Why? J: Favorite place was probably Sendai Japan to represent the City of Dallas and the Japanese American Society. Dallas is one of 6 sister cities with Sendai, Japan. In 2008 I applied and after writing a letter and completing a long phone interview I was selected along with one female runner to compete in the Sendai Invitational Half Marathon. The experience of being immersed and so very welcomed into Japan's culture and customs is something to this day I will never ever forget as long as I live. It was TRULY a great honor to represent the City of Dallas in this amazing half marathon and cultural and friendship promoting experience!!! A: Tell me what is on your running playlist. J: I listen to all types on 80s music, but NEVER run with an IPOD. Picture 2A: What are some of your favorite running brands? J: Favorite clothing brands, really easy anything BROOKS!!!!! A: Do you run alone or with friends? J: I almost always run and train alone. A: What does running do for you? J: Running has allowed me so many things in life. I have been very fortunate to meet so many interesting people throughout my travels. I have seen some amazing places in our United States along with the World as well. Also it has kept me healthy and created an urge in me to explore new and different places. Lastly it has provided me a way to relax and also a means to focus my attention on other things like: how far can I push my body or when is my next trip????? A: Complete this sentence, "When I run, I feel ______." J: When I run, I feel relaxed and at peace!!!    My running mantra tho is: "Outlast them All "

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