BGR! Eats: Yellow Cake Protein Smoothie

May 15, 2013


image After a late  workout last night, I decided to quickly throw together a post-workout protein smoothie. I simply couldn't bring myself to try to cook a meal. Apparently, I should just throw together more smoothies, because my impromptu smoothie experiment, turned into amazing, delicious awesomeness that tastes (and smells) exactly like yellow cake! Are you ready to try it?? Yellow Cake Protein Smoothie 2 fresh mangos, chopped 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk 1 scoop of Bluebonnet French vanilla whey protein isolate powder A few ice cubes to chill the smoothie Blend until smoothie-fied .....and voila! You have your very own yellow cake protein smoothie! I would love to hear how you like it and if you are in love like I am!! IMG_1194

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