Four Appliances You Need In Your Kitchen To Aid In Your Healthy Eating Journey

May 13, 2013


Make healthy food prep easier — not harder — with a crockpot, personal blender, juicer and an indoor, electric grill

So you’ve purged all of the unhealthy foods in your kitchen and you’re ready to start afresh.

[caption id="attachment_8091" align="alignleft" width="300"]Eating healthier shouldn’t be harder than it already is. Make life easier with a juicer, crockpot and other helpful kitchen appliances Eating healthier shouldn’t be harder than it already is. Make life easier with a juicer, crockpot and other helpful kitchen appliances[/caption]

Now what? It’s time to go shopping! Beginning this new lifestyle will be difficult enough, so equipping yourself with the proper tools in the kitchen will help make the transition easier. Next time you’re at the store, be sure to snag these items:


I can’t think of anything more great than a machine that allows you to dump a lot of ingredients into it at once, turn it on, leave and come back with the whole place smelling like you just did something amazing in the kitchen. The crockpot is convenient and doesn’t require you to use a lot of excess oil. Some of your favorite recipes can be cooked in a healthier way in a crockpot.

Personal blender

You’ve probably seen the Magic Bullet — or other personal blender alternatives — and you might have decided it’s an appliance that you don’t need. I already have a blender, you probably thought to yourself. The great thing about a personal blender is you can make a serving-sized smoothie without the fuss. You just throw in your fruit, veggies and ice cubes into the cup, blend and go. Having a daily smoothie gives you an extra serving of fruits and vegetables that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.


Juicing allows you to get the maximum amount of nutrients found in colorful fruits and veggies without having to consume huge quantities. Though it’s bulky, a juicer is a great addition to any kitchen. They can be pricey, so save up to invest in a good one or purchase an affordable juicer (some are as low as $40) in the meantime.

Electric grill

Forget your carcinogen-laden outdoor grill. An indoor, electric grill can do the same job without putting harmful stuff into your body. The George Foreman Grill and its alternatives simultaneously grills both sides of whatever you’re cooking with indented grill plates that allows minimal contact with food and maximum fat drainage from whatever you’re cooking.

Have I missed anything? Put your favorite appliance below in the comments section!


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