Do Your Cords Hang Low?

May 02, 2013


Picture 6Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow? Can you throw them o'er your shoulder? And, the riddle continues... I know its weird, but I think about this song often when on the treadmill or out on the run, and that pesty headphone cord gets in the way of my hands, gets caught up in my necklace, or pulls my ear buds out. It just messes up my harmony of my run, and there I am for the next 1/4 mile trying to fix the darn thing. Do you have that same issue? Well, do not fret I have the perfect solution! Check out the Bluetooth Headphones by JayBirds. The Bluebuds X is the indeed the "Perfection of Wireless sound". That's right NO MORE PESTY CORDS! After trying out these wireless headphones, I was immediately hooked! I have been testing them out for about a month now, and I highly recommend for anyone who uses music and headphones for any type of work out, from running, to weight lifting. The JayBirds BlueBudX package inludes earpieces that incorporate amplifiers, the Bluetooth transceiver, a rechargeable battery, a micro USB jack for recharging, and of course, a 6mm driver for each ear. A flat cable connects the two earpieces; the cable incorporates a three-button in-line remote that does play/pause, volume, and track skip. The awesome thing is that the headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth device. Yep, that means iPhones, iPads, Androids, even Windows Phones and Blackberrys. BlueBuds X How To Tutorial JayBird designed the BlueBuds X primarily for the sport market. In addition to three sizes of silicone tips, the BlueBuds X comes with three sizes of “ear cushions,” little hooks intended to keep the earpieces from falling out when you’re moving around a lot. It includes a few plastic clips that let you shorten the cable so it doesn’t bang around when you jog or play tennis or jPicture 2ump rope or do whatever it is you do. And it's made to resist moisture and sweat. FIT The most important first step of using the JayBirds is proper fit. It the ear pieces do not fit right, they will fall out instantly. It took me several trips to and from the gym to figure out what size works for me, and once I found the perfect earpiece, they fit like a charm. There are also two ways to wear the band, behind your head at the nape of your neck, or over your ears. I found the most convenient and secure was over my ears. They did not move at all during my run, and was a great fit. BlueBuds X Proper Fit Tutorial SOUND The sound that amplifies through the headphones are indeed impeccable. I compare it to the Beats by Dre headphones that drown out any outside noise. On an outside run alone, I typically keep one ear piece out for safety purposes, and I tried it with the JayBirds and they still worked like a charm. The other ear piece did not fall out. Overall, the sound is crystal clear. CONVENIEPicture 4NCE Did I mention there is no cord? I think that is the selling point for this device. The first time I ran with the JayBirds it was such a free feeling to not have that cord swaying and flapping across my body. Also, the cute, compact carrying case that it comes with helps to just throw it in your gym bag without getting beat up from your shoes and everything else we keep in our gym bag. CONS JayBirds BlueBuds X will run you a pretty penny...$169.99. But, its about the same you would pay for a quality set of head phones. I am not a person that charges my devices on a daily basis, so my headphones would go dead frequently. I carry the charging cord in the cute case, so I can charge at work. The battery life is short to me, but the time it takes to charge does not take long. FINAL VERDICT Overall, I highly recommend the JayBirds BlueBuds X. There is no argument for not having that cord to deal with. If you are on the hunt for a new pair of headphones, or just want to throw those pesty ones you have now away, JayBirds is the way to go.

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