Total Body Exercise Requiring No Equipment: Weighted Push-up Plank to Squat

April 26, 2013


Picture 4Our weighted push-up to squat is an awesome exercise that engages the entire body and gets your heart rate way up, thereby helping you to burn more calories in any one workout. 1) Get in push-up position while holding a medicine ball. If you do not have a medicine ball, you can also perform this exercise using a dumbbell or no weight at all. 2)  Engage your core as you jump your legs towards your hands and lift the medicine ball or dumbbells off the ground. Make sure you keep your stomach tight and you breath throughout the movement. 3)  Place the ball or dumbbells back on the ground and jump your legs back to return to start position.  This equals one rep.  Perform 10-20 reps, 2-3 sets.  You can use a 5-15 medicine ball, 3-10lb weights, or no weights at all. Since this exercise requires effort from the entire body, it is a great cardiovascular exercise to help you burn calories. *Make sure you include alternative cardiovascular activities in your workouts other than the elliptical, treadmill, stair stepper, and bike. Change up your workout routines monthly so your muscles never know what is coming!* ------------------------------ Picture 1Tasha Turnbull is a certified personal trainer that is the owner and creative director of T2 Fitness Studios and T2 Fitness Apparel, respectively.  Tasha's studio , as well as the home of T2 Fitness Apparel, is located in Virginia Beach, VA.  She is a fitness advocate who personally trains, educates, and motivates others in the Hampton Roads community and in other parts of the country to reach their health and fitness goals. For exercise tips and nutritional advise:  For fitness apparel: Connect with Tasha on social media: Facebook, Twitter (@t2_fitness), and Instagram (@t2_fitness).

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