Total Body Move Requiring No Equipment

April 11, 2013


We are excited to announce that registration for Black Girls RUN! Sweat With Your Sole Race and Conference weekend is now open! REGISTER HERE! We are even more excited about the great speakers and sessions we will be having at our two day conference and expo. One of our amazing speakers that will be at the conference, Tasha Turnbull will be sharing information on how to get a total body workout in the comfort of your own home. Just to give you a sneak peak of what she will be discussing during her conference session, try her Walkouts with a Pushup exercise below to get your blood pumping! Picture 2Walkouts with a Pushup By: Tasha Turnbull, Certified Personal Trainer Our walkouts with a pushup is a challenging total body exercise that will have you engaging muscles in your upper and lower body throughout the total movement. 1) Start by standing up. 2) Bend over, then walk your hands forward until you are in push up position. (Keep your spine neutral once you are in push-up position). 3) Once you are in push-up position perform a push-up. 4) Afterwards, walk your hands back to your feet (engage your core as you are doing this), and then stand up to return to starting position. This equals one rep.  For novice trainers, I suggest you perform the walkouts without performing the push-up (this is still a challenge). Since this move is challenging and can take awhile to finish, perform 10 reps, 1-3 sets. This is a great exercise to challenge your core, chest, shoulders, upper back and lower back! Learn more total body home workouts from Tasha at the Sweat With Your Sole Conference in September in Charlotte! ------------------------------ Picture 1Tasha Turnbull is a certified personal trainer that is the owner and creative director of T2 Fitness Studios and T2 Fitness Apparel, respectively.  Tasha's studio , as well as the home of T2 Fitness Apparel, is located in Virginia Beach, VA.  She is a fitness advocate who personally trains, educates, and motivates others in the Hampton Roads community and in other parts of the country to reach their health and fitness goals. For exercise tips and nutritional advise:  For fitness apparel:

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