Spring Your Hair Into Spring

April 09, 2013


HiResSpring is traditionally associated with  "rebirth" and "growth" which can be found all around us during this time of year. For me, it includes spring cleaning, packing up and storing my winter clothes, among many other things. This year, I'm especially focusing on transitioning my hair from the brutal winter weather to the sunshine and humidity that's surely coming over the next several months. With that said, here's a few things I'm doing to prepare myself and my hair for the start of spring and arrival of summer. 1.) Clean out your product stash: I'm a complete product junkie. Ashley visited a few months ago and after taking a look at my linen closet AND my bathroom storage, she called an emergency intervention where I vowed not to purchase any more hair products. Unfortunately, I have failed miserably, but I am taking the time to go through my hair product stashes to get rid of items I haven't  used in the past two months or know I'm not going to use. I feel bad about tossing them (especially if they haven't been opened) so I'm offering them up to friends and family who might like to try them. If I don't receive any takers, I'm tossing them. 2.) Give Yourself a Good Trim: Whether it's literally a trim, or a haircut, treat your ends to a nice new start for spring. Trimming is essential to maximizing hair growth and preventing split ends. 3.) Clarify your hair: If this isn't something you do on a regular basis, there's no better time than now. Clarifying shampoos gently remove product buildup and other impurities from your hair (and scalp). Talk about a fresh start! 4.) Try some color: Ashley is the poster-child for an amazing color job! I can't even imagine her with dark hair! Spruce up your tresses with some highlights for a quick change to your hair and your swag! 5.) Go to a salon for some royal treatment: I'm a weekly salon go-er turned DIY'er and visits to the salon are pretty rare. But, there's something about going to the salon that puts an extra spring in my step. Take some time during these first few weeks of Spring to give yourself the royal treatment at your favorite salon. Not only will it feel good get to get pampered, but the hair stylist will be able to tell you just how healthy your hair is and tips and tricks to make it even healthier! What are some of your spring rituals when it comes to your hair?

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