Get Fitted with REI and Brooks

April 05, 2013


BrooksFlyer One of the most important things you can do for your body (particularly your feet) when running is to get fitted for the proper running shoes! Thankfully, REI and Brooks is making it easier than ever with its Brooks Fit Clinic with free gait analysis. (What's a gait analysis? Check out Ashley's post, "How to Buy Running Shoes") The Brooks Gait Analysis is returning for 2013! Brooks Guru's will be at select  REI stores providing gait analysis with a treadmill, camera, and monitor setup. Participants spend a few minutes walking on the treadmill, a video captures their stance and gait, and the rep analyzes and provides recommendations to fit their needs. A video of the analysis can be shared via email or social media. Check out the schedule below for locations and times! Happy Running!   schedule

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