My name is Ashley and I'm a Sports Bra Snob

April 02, 2013


Untitled-1I've become something of s sports bra snob. You know, I'm that girl who turns her nose up at the uniboob sports bras and the bras that are totally cute but impossible functional. I'm not sure how I got this way. My best guess is that once I started wearing "real sports bras" I was hooked and never wanted to go back to the clearance rack, poor excuse for polyester bras that I was wearing before. Plus, I have to blame Toni. She is always mentioning how important it is to wear the right bra or risk damaging breast tissue. If I have saggy boobs at 60, I definitely don't want my excuse to be because I was wearing the wrong sports bra while "bouncing" through races. In my drawer of sports bras, I have a few favorites, and I've started gravitating towards my Brooks bras. If you didn't know, Brooks and and Moving Comfort are owned by the same company. So Brooks bras have a lot of the same features as Moving Comfort (at a slightly lower price point). My new favorite Brooks bra is the Women's Versatile Bra. A few of its key features include: - compression and encapsulation (keeps everything in place) - soft fabric - interior m-frame construction -supportive straps I'm wearing the purple bra in my pics, but it also comes in several cute colors. Check it out here.

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