Love and Marriage on the Pavement

March 29, 2013


[caption id="attachment_7628" align="alignright" width="300"]Forever tied together Forever tied together[/caption] Since I've been on the road talking to hundreds of women at our Preserve the Sexy tour stops and race meet-ups, I've heard a lot of women talk about love, dating and marriage and how running and being more health conscience plays into all of it. I've heard single women ask, "How can I put my health first, if the guy I'm dating isn't into this running thing?" I've heard married women say that running and their weight loss has completely changed their marriage and sex life. I've seen husbands and boyfriends who have never thought about running, now stepping up to the plate with their loves to run races and be the ultimate support system for their mate. If there's one thing to glean from all of these conversations, it's that when it comes to love, marriage, dating and running, there's a lot to talk about. [youtube width="450" height="450" video_id="kt_ryHXVoy0"] I frequently talk about my husband, Kris, who has been my number one supporter of Black Girls RUN! and my love of running. As an ex-sprinter, he has never been super interested in long distances, but I guess you can only live with a long distance runner for so long before you get sucked in. (Sorry honey.) While, I don't put any pressure on him to run races, I've found that our love and committment to each other AND being healthy has helped us not only find something we can do together, it's created a stronger bond between us. We both understand the hard work and time it takes to run long distances which has increased the amount of respect we have for one another on and off the pavement. Yes, we're a little bit competitive, but that's the fun part! It has also allowed us to find that calm within the storms of life. A few days out of the week, especially on particularly stressful days, we'll take to the pavement with our dogs for a run around our neighborhood. Magically, the stress disappears and we both feel rejuvenated from a hard days work. These days are my favorites, because we typically completely shut off all our devices and spend the evening cooking a healthy, protein rich meal together. And our dogs! Let's not forget to mention that it's a time to bond with our pups. Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating because they want to sniff, poop and squat on everything, but it's a time that we can practice commands and more importantly practice patience. 644439_10100960435591555_1250485829_n If you've never tried working out and running together, give it a try! Keep an open mind and start slow. If you're still trying to convince your significant other to get off the couch, don't worry! Your awesomeness is bound to wear off on them soon! Disclosure: We are Brooks Blog Ambassadors which includes recieving Brooks gear and other perks.  As always our honest thoughts and opinions are all our own.  

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