This Week on the Pavement (3/11/13)

March 13, 2013


66422_10151369019018292_368106370_n-1The weather this week has been amazing and it has us thinking more and more about Spring, summer and most importantly being beach body ready. I have to admit, I'm a little behind on my goals and shedding my "winter coat" seems impossible! Fortunately, I have Ashley to keep me accountable and we may or may not be in a competition to see who gets the weight off first. (What can we say? Traveling and eating healthy has totally rocked our boat). As we head to our fourth "Preserve the Sexy" tour stop in Richmond, Va., on Saturday, I'm reminded that getting AND staying healthy is tough....but certainly not impossible. For me it's not about looking a certain way or weighing a certain weight, it's about being MY best ME. In my opinion, there's always room to grow and improve. This week, I want you think about what you're doing to be the best YOU possible and share with me in the comments section! Wishing you a great, productive rest of the week! - Toni

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