Pamper Yourself with H2O Plus Skincare

March 07, 2013


I may or may not be  a hair and skincare product junkie. Okay, I confess. I totally am. Especially when it comes to bath and body products! While we were at the Disney Marathon in January, we were gifted a few products from H2O Plus, the makers of skin care, bath and body and hair care products. (As a side note, I'm about 90% sure that Disney World resorts and hotels uses the company for their room amenities). I'm VERY selective when it comes to body or facial products, but I decided to give the products a go and try them out. The skinny? The company uses marine life (think algae, seaweed, etc.) and bottles it up into pampering awesomeness. That's not the technical version, but if you'd like to read more about how the process works, check out their website and watch the video below.100-30338-000_dt All I can say is that I may be hooked. I'm totally in love with their Spa Sea Salt Skin Smoother, especially after a hard workout. It leaves your skin feeling like butta and the smell is absolutely intoxicating and makes your skin glow like crazy. The hubster ALWAYS comments about how the fragrance smells so fresh, clean and sexy. *wink wink*.  I also like to use  I used the scrub about once a week (especially on my feet) and  I just ran out yesterday, so there's plenty to go around and make it last. Not bad considering it's retail price is $27. My other love was the Oasis Mist (retail $17), which is an oil-free mist enriched with natural 100-20292-000_dtvitamins which gives you an instant fresh-faced natural glow. The site's product description notes,
  • Pure, distilled water infused with sea-sourced vitamins A, C, E and Provitamin B instantly revives, soothes, and refreshes skin with oil-free moisture
  • A convenient, on-the-spot facial spray that provides instant hydration and antioxidant protection
  • Sea-derived essential minerals work synergistically with Sea Mineral Complex, scientifically advanced delivery system to ensure vital nutrients are rapidly absorbed at the cellular level
Long story short, I use this on days when my face looks tired and dull. It instantly makes me feel like I just walked out to the beach and was misted by the ocean's goodness. It's especially perfect if you've been flying or need an afternoon spruce up! H2O plus has an EXTENSIVE product line and I can't wait to try more of the products. Besides purchasing them online, I've also seen it sold at ULTA. Have you tried the product line? Which items are your favorite?

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