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February 15, 2013


[caption id="attachment_7099" align="alignleft" width="225"]BGR! Philly - Cupid Chase February 2012 BGR! Philly - Cupid Chase February 2012[/caption] By: Deneen Young (BGR! Philadelphia Co-Ambassador) WOW! Thinking back to this time last year my heart was a flutter anticipating what my first race would be like.  I was so nervous I was shaking--yes, my hands were shaking and I could not keep still.  My kids didn't know what was wrong with mom. My husband kept trying to calm my nerves but it wasn't happening.  I was in my mind imagining it and kept thinking what am I doing I can't do it run a race with all those people--okay get it together Deneen you will be with your friends and they will stick with you and push you. Yep, get to the race and one of the most experienced runners tells me "treat this like any other day you are running your regular 3 miles, have fun and enjoy yourself".  Hmmm, that actually calmed me down--now side by side with my sista from another mother.  Oh no she is fast I can't keep us--well, little did I know that I can't always have my BGR sistas there with me to push me but because of the movement I was able to finish my first race ever in my life in under 48 minutes The Cupid Chase 5K.  I ended up telling everyone to go ahead but at the finish line they were all there waiting and cheering me in. Fast forward today another morning thinking to myself race day is coming up on Saturday (promised myself I would do The Cupid Chase each year), however, the rest of my thoughts this time are much different.  I prayed this morning asking God to allow the desires of my heart to glorify Him and to be a testament to someone else at the end of the race (will share that one on the next blog post :-)).  Along with those thoughts is my  HYPENESS (if that is a word LOL) for all the ladies of BGR! Philly who will have the experience of their first race ever too-- realizing that they can do it and will have fun while every foot hits the ground honoring their body and the work that they have put in.  My excitement before each race is knowing I will be gathering with all of my other BGR sistas before the race for our famous group photo, hugs, conversation and plain ole fellowship.  I think to myself how blessed I am to be part of such an awesome movement not only because we run, wog or walk but we are saving our lives and supporting each other in the process not to mention we are all WOMEN and most African American women all getting along--dispelling so many myths about us (we don't exercise, we can't get along, etc., etc.)!  Keep doing what you do my sistas honoring your temple it is such a good feeling!  Keep PRESSING and Keep PUSHING you can do it! (FB post per Leslie Marant, co-ambassador of BGR! Philly): If you never thought you could run, think again! Here are some of our stories: - one started running in December 2011 - one finished the race on an injured ankle but determined to finish - one ran her first mile without stopping - one lost over 75 lbs in the last year - one lost over 40 lbs in the last year - one placed second in her age category and ran her fastest mile and hadn't raced in years - today was the first time at least four of them ever ran a race We're not unique, just determined to living lives which include a commitment to our health. We are changing lives and fighting the statistics. Join us. The fellowship is awesome and the support is like no other. You can do it too!

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