This Week On the Pavement (1/21/13)

January 21, 2013


144(@toni_carey/@blackgirlsrun) Toni here! And we've got a busy week ahead of us! (As if that's anything new). We've got Will Smith playing in the background and we are packing our bags to go to the 2013 ING Miami Marathon happening this weekend. We've been advised to bring our booty shorts and sunscreen for the sweltering weekend ahead of us. We suggest you do the same. While Ashley and I are on the bench and won't be running, we will be out and about at the official Black Girls RUN! booth at the Nissan Health and Fitness Expo Presented by the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald and the official Black Girls RUN! meet and greet. And yes! We will have Black Girls RUN! gear on sale at the expo! In the meantime, check out my Spotify playlist to get me through the week!

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