Can Working Out Boost Your Salary?

January 21, 2013


PUMPS AND RUNNING SHOESIf you are struggling to hit the pavement today, here's a little workout motivation for you. A recent study from Cleveland State University found that women who exercise at least 3 times a week earn 10% more than their lazier co-workers. Based on a $40,000 salary, that’s about $80 more a week! The secret lies in the positive by-products of a healthy and active lifestyle - exercise increases energy, productivity, brain function and mood. Though the study doesn’t necessarily prove the cause and effect of exercising (don’t expect your boss to offer you a raise once he finds out you’re training for a 5K), it does show a relationship between exercising and income earning potential. Meaning those healthy habits you’re forming outside on the pavement or in the gym could result in some healthy work habits as well - and that’s something your boss will definitely notice.

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