Black Girls RUN! Pretty Far

January 11, 2013


Your feet touch the trail, and the world fades away, common concerns are forgotten, make room for the heart to shine. ~ Over the last three years, and in 2013, Black Girls RUN! has made the commitment to fitness and encouraging women to adopt healthier lifestyles. Whether you run, jog, or wog, our mission is to get you moving and active. BGR! has partnered with Run Pretty Far to continue or mission of motivation women to be active and healthy. Run Pretty Far has cute performance war, fun apparel and accessories designed to optimize the joy in your run.  The special moments you have out on your run when all of your worries are put to the side, and it is just you and the road, is what Run Pretty Far translates into the design of their clothing. So, we want to hear from you! In 2013, what are your health and fitness goals? What makes you get up and go running/walking? Why is being healthy and active important to you? Run Pretty Far is sponsoring our giveaway today, and a lucky winner will be able to win a Run Pretty Far tee and running visor! All you have to do is: 1: Facebook: "Like" Black Girls RUN! and "Run Pretty Far" Facebook pages. Post your response on Run Pretty Far's facebook page, as to what your 2013 fitness goals are? OR 2. Twitter: Follow @RunPrettyFar and @BlackGirlsRUN on Twitter. Tweet your response and tag both of us in your tweet. OR 3. Comment below on our blog! Happy Running! A winner will be randomly selected and posted on our social media accounts, and contacted to get information. Thank you for participating.

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