#FBF: Lace em-up for a New Year and always a New You!

December 28, 2012


Featured Blog Fridays By: Deneen Young, BGR! Philadelphia Co-Ambassador As I reflect on LIFE... my life, I am reminded of how awesome life is and allowing myself to create what that is for me not for others.  This thing called life is so short--I am in awe at the past  year, months even these past few weeks and days.  Someone shared on their FB post the perfect gift to give someone is health and fitness (membership to the gym and support). Well, guess what? Everyone in BGR! receives that gift daily from our BGR! family.  I too believe that as well--reflecting on the gift my uncle gave me asking me the question when I was 257 lbs "why are you killing yoursel?f". POWERFUL... so I ask you, as you sit back and reflect on your past year and if you have not been caring for yourself like you should, I ask you... "why not"?  Do whatever it takes, whatever tool you need in addition to moving to get yourself healthy, fit and yes of a sound mind adding years to your life.  I have had several deaths within my family over the past months and I know when it is my time it is my time but in the mean time I must dispel all the myths of why a Black woman doesn't work-out and break down every wall and bondage that has been before me and continue to walk (and RUN!) in victory!  I will walk in the attitude and posture of ALL that I know is promised--sitting back and enjoying the view!  I am so thankful to you, me but most of all to the Creator who allows me to continue to create who I am! Learning more and more that there are not mistakes in our lives we are molded to be set-up for our destiny no matter what happens in between! So if you don't do this already I am sharing a little thing I started a few years ago... writing down my goals, dreams and yes bucket list if that's what you want to call it.  It blesses me to look it over at the end of another year and see where I am and where He has brought me.  WOW... As we close out another year and look forward to all LIFE has for YOU, BGR! and ME--CELEBRATE the NEW YEAR and the NEW YOU ALWAYS!!

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