Workout Resolution

November 28, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles  

  The New Year is only about a month away so we all know what time it is. It's time to start making your New Year's resolutions and setting goals for yourself for 2013! Many will set resolutions concerning time management, more family time, and of course, get into shape. Getting in shape is something that happens over a period of time (too bad it doesn't happen over night) so why not bring in the new year with some type of foundation? You want to get in shape for the new year; set daily goals from now until New Years Day helping you work up to what you have in store for yourself come 2013. So, say you're a workout rookie and your resolution is just to be able to get up early to walk for 15 minutes in the mornings. One way to start up is just get up and walk for 5 minutes and work your way up! If you'd like to work on your upper body strength more for the new year, try adding on 10 push-ups after a run starting now and adding more as the new year approaches. You're encouraged to start your workout resolution now and be able to work your way on up through the new year! Why wait? It'll feel great to enter the new year already achieving your goal!

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