Holiday Preservation

November 27, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles   The winter holidays are swiftly approaching and we want to make sure that our bodies are staying in tip-top shape, right? There's nothing worse than coming back from a holiday vacation feeling like you've neglected your body by not working out! We've found some great workouts for you to try during this holiday season and you'll be sure to keep it up even after the holiday season. 1. Walk it off Walking for 30 minutes after a meal is good way to shed some of those calories you've put on and get those muscles moving! 2. Chair Dips These muscle warmers will keep your upper body very well alert this season. Simply sit on the edge of a chair with your hands next to your thighs gripping the edge of the chair, slide your rear off the chair, and pump your arms. Let's shoot for a rep of 10! 3. Take Flight Instead of taking the elevator this holiday season, take that flight of stairs to get your legs moving. If you're at home, instead of just sitting at the table after a meal, take a walk upstairs 3 times! See, these mini workouts don't sound so bad. You're encouraged to continue these workouts even after the holidays as these are simple things you can do daily to help keep your blood pumping and those calories burned. As you can see, these can all be done in your home around and with your family and friends this holiday season.  

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