Bare Minimum on your Fingers

November 26, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles   Minimalist running is slowly taking over for runners across the world and when we say minimalist, we mean running with just enough minimum support for your feet while running. But you don't just run with your feet, right? It takes your whole body really get a good workout out of your run. With that, your whole body should be comfortable as far as the weather goes. It's pretty apparent in most states that it's compl etely Fall and the temperature is dropping to help us prepare for Winter. Making sure your whole body is warm is vital in being motivated and keeping up the pace when you run. By saying your whole body, we aren't excluding your phalanges. That's right, your fingers! REI offers minimalist running gloves that will keep your claws warm and comfy during a run, walk, hike, or any other outdoor activities. These lightweight gloves are water resistant and are made up of nylon shells to help keep out the moisture and keep in the heat. The soft polyester contained in each glove wicks out sweat while insulating your hands. They give you exactly what you need in a glove without all the extra fluff and weight.  So stop by REI today or before your next run to try these gloves out for yourself. Plus, these warm little guys are made just for women! That's right, just for us!  

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