November 16, 2012


By: Deneen Young, BGR! Philadelphia CoAmbassador I was that person that always thought that "Nothing will ever change... I'm always going to be like this... My situation will never change... I am just going to always be fat" Well, I found out that the only thing that can never change is who I believe in. I finally believed that in 2010 when the journey began with weight loss and then when I became a runner a year ago especially getting ready to embark on my second half marathon on this Sunday the Philly Half--WOW! What finally got me was the hope of seeing change in my situation (I states to visualize it). I like so many of you have endured so many things emotionally that I finally put hope in who and what i believed in to take control!  You can enjoy life if you decide to too!  But you must truly believe that will for you to experience it. I decided to enter into that joy, which is essential to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I wanted to change and continue to humbly want that change to stay put! We gotta keep working on us and what we believe to be true--trust me I have to work on me daily to be consistent in my change! If you haven't already step it up and step out and reach for your own change and watch what happens! Side note this is for me: I believe that God doesn't change, but He can change you if you let Him. *In Picture: 1st time placing in my age category top 20 at 18th (big deal for me believing my change): Trenton Double Cross Race 11/10/12 (age 47)

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