Burn More Calories

November 14, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles     Burn More Calories   We are creatures of habit meaning we repeatedly do things and especially things that we think works for us. One of these habits is, of course, running! Running is by far the best way to drop pounds and feel absolutely amazing afterwards. But is the exact same running pace and routine giving you the calorie burn you need? There are two ways to help shed those calories a tad faster: 1.    Squeeze in some speed 2.    Strengthening those muscles According to Liz Poller of Acive.com, our bodies become almost immune to our daily running pace. Yes, you will shed those calories and pounds in the beginning, but after a while, your body will be like, “Hey, this is easy. I can do this,” making it easy for you. One way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your run is to change up the energy a bit by having short bursts of sprints and coming back to your normal speed as a home base. These sprints can be your path to burning even calories a bit faster than you would at your normal pace. Another way to ensure significant calorie burning is to build up those muscles to strengthen your running stride. Push-ups and leg lifts will do the trick to help build up your stride. With stronger muscles, your body runs harder, making the most out of your workout. So take steps to burn more calories by squeezing in some speed in short intervals and strengthening those arm and leg muscles for a more powerful run!

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