Something New

October 29, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles   Happy Monday, BGR! We hope you had a great weekend and its time to bring this month to an end. Before October is over in the middle of this week, we hope that you try to something new! Maybe that recipe you'd like to try or that extra mile you want to run before or after your weekly meet up with your fellow BGR! ladies. It's always great to set monthly goals or monthly "things-to-do". Why not try something different for a day or two? Save up for toss running shoes throughout the month and make that purchase before its over. How about trying that workout you saw in your favorite magazine earlier in the month? Host a potluck with friends for one night and try a new recipe for your pals to taste! Trying something new doesn't have to be just for yourself. It could be you plan saving up pennies to give the less fortunate man or woman on your way to work a nice warm drink or breakfast. So make your list of new things to do, but add a little something different on it. It'll be sure to add a little excitement to your month! What new things are you considering?

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