Be an Early Bird

October 26, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles    
Be an early bird this next week! No, we’re not talking about waking up at the crack of dawn when it’s not necessary; we mean vote early! (We know you've peeped Obama's early voting pic.) Waiting in long lines is totally worth it for your country and your future, but why not take the opportunity when you can to get it in early?
Voting is super important as your decision can have a huge impact on our regimes like birth control, getting through or putting someone through college, and even taxes. The first thing that you should do is make you’re all set. This means you’re registered and have a photo ID with you. Not sure if you’re registered or where to go to vote? No problem! Just check your status online on your county’s website. Since your place of voting is supposed to be close to where you live, who says you can’t jog to the polls? Get you a great workout in and make an impact on the country at once! We encourage you to vote early this upcoming week, but of course, if you’re not able to get around to it, be sure to vote Tuesday, November 6th. No matter who you vote for, know that your vote DOES count!  

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