Brighter Day

October 19, 2012


By: Deneen Young (Philadephia Co-Ambassador) What is it when you have a day that things just don’t click or they don’t make sense especially when you have that run that was suppose to be an easy 3 mile run (finishing up on my first half marathon training) but towards the end of the run that song comes on and you start getting a “shout run” on!  I ran so fast towards the end of my run I was like WOW so this is how it feels when one of my church members will get up out of her seat and run around the church praising.  Well for me this morning I focused on the “run” my feet hitting the ground I took in all that was around me and thought about where I am headed on Sunday, October 7th Diva Half in Long Island—I’m like WOW you are doing the darn thing but then I get home and do what I had vowed not to do—got on the scale.  On my journey which has been one heck of a journey I have learned so much about me (will keep it there for now) however I also have learned that we all have layers and layers of “stuff” that if we don’t deal with we can never completely move on our journey it just does something to you.  So I get on the scale even though my nutritionist decided now that I’m 4lbs away from my goal weight to weigh-in twice a week.  So today would have been my third day—side note: something when you start writing and the “real” truth comes out but who are you hiding from?  Anyway scale said 2 lbs up which I know for some you may be saying now why is she tripping its only 2lbs and weight fluctuates up to 5lbs.  Well see for me loosing 126 lbs all of this is new to me and some of it is still some residue, layers left that I get into a short but quick panic and fear of going back to the old me. Unhealthy, over weight 257 lbs, not active at all and just miserable staying in that place that I didn’t belong.  Well I realized after remembering what a friend and co-ambassador shared “don’t make the scale your God” and I also texted her this morning and confessed I was at it again.  I love the fact that she keeps it real and for me (some of us have a hard time with this) I don’t mind when someone I trust gives it to me straight out of care and concern and for me biblically too and that’s what I got. Fast forward to TODAY—it’s been a BRIGHTER DAY basking in all that has already been in me! Completed my first half marathon in 2 hours and 48 minutes and I was cool with that run! It was almost like a dream. Kept my pace slow and steady—get to mile 10 and kicked it out!  Had church along the way with singing out loud clapping my hands high in the air and yes the women around me did the same some even stayed with me (strangers) to catch some of my energy and spirit.  So when you don’t think you can’t push past a bad run, fear, difficulty in life know that its already in you to push past what ails you towards a brighter day and a healthier better you!

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