Safety First

October 15, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles Safety first! For those runners with the "get it in no matter what" attitude towards running, this is for you! How many times have you started your evening run and half way through your run, it got dark outside? Throwing on black is probably easy like breathing for most people. It's a slimming, sleek color to wear anytime. Well, wearing all black may not be the safest thing to do when it comes to running at night. According to Dr. Troy Bedinghaus, The human eye's field of vision is much smaller without the help of natural light. This applies to drivers as well. With that being said, it's time to give your evening running outfit a pop of color! Whether it be on your shoes, pants, or shirt, adding a neon or bright can only ensure even more safety. Now, we don't want you to walk around looking like a highlighter, but making it so that drivers can see SOMETHING glowing at night would be great. Be seen and be safe! Evening runners, here are some safety reflective items you can add to your running outfit. Shop you local REI store for these awesome items. Flash LED Reflective Vest Flashing Reflective Armband

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