Flu Virus Protection

October 08, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles   The Cold and Flu season is here ladies and it's imperative that as you run, jog, or walk outside, you're as protected as you can be! Now, we aren't talking about clothes this time. We are talking about taking the proper steps to ensure that the flu bug doesn't get you. There are three ways you can at least help yourself not get the bug. Flu Shot This is the most effective way because you are actually getting the same exact strand that is out for the season. This makes your immune system ready to fight off the flu bug. You can visit your local CVS Pharmacy, health services provider, or Kroger. Sometimes there are free flu shots available so be on the look out! Stay Clean Spread the word and the flu virus. Make sure you're washing your hands regularly with anti-bacterial soap and sanitizing after you finish shaking someone's hand. You may not be able to tell if they have the cold or flu yet, but it's better to be safe than sick, right? Wipe down your desk at home or at work, and it also may be helpful to keep disinfectant spray tucked away either in the kitchen and at work. Though we can't help that germs are everywhere, we should still try our best to keep the harmful ones away! Stay Healthy Keep running with us! Of course, wear a hat to cover your ears and your favorite gloves to keep your hands warm. If you stay active, the flu bug won't even be able to catch up with you as you are constantly sweating out impurities and staying hydrated. A glass of orange juice and water before you head out to run will ensure that you're hydrated during this time of the year. And did you forget about your vegetables? Veggies are packed with nutrients that help your body stay upbeat and ready to go at any time of the day! Don't be stuck in bed this season! Start taking precautions now as it's never too early to be concerned about your health! Make the flu virus think again before it tries to get you.

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